How Does A Tech Support Scam Work?

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How Does A Tech Support Scam Work?

Title:How Does A Tech Support Scam Work?
Year:4 Years ago
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How does a tech support scam work? today we will break down a tech support scam and go over their tactics and their script.
please share this video with everyone to help raise scam awareness!

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We dial all kinds of scammers LIVE non stop 24/7 to raise awareness and to waste their time so they get to scam less people. The more we dial them, the less chance they get to scam someone.

These people make alot of victims and are mostly based in India, and not much is done by the authorities.... we try to make a difference! Please subscribe & share this stream to spread the word!

Every time their phones ring they will wonder if it will be a victim or one of us !
We bait, we troll, we prank, anything to prevent innocent people from being robbed!
Tech support scammers, IRS calls, fake cruise scammers, if they scam trough phone we dial them!

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